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At Pukka´s – The Quest Part 1

It´s not the whole thing, but it´s a start as we have just published a film:


The Quest for longer-lived dogs – At Pukka´s 

As You might remember: we´ve tried to finance the documentary  “Quo vadis, canis? The quest for longer-live dogs” via a crowdfunding-campagne. But we didn´t reach the goal.
We still belief in that film  – of course! – and we are still working on it. Earlier this year we did some further filmings  in the USA, we will tell you about in one of the next postings.
So one goal had been to finalize the part of the film that we filmed first: The Journey to Ted Kerasote´s and Pukka´s home in Teton National Park, Wyoming !
You can watch it now –  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/qvc
Ted´s Books
We hope you will like the film (it´s over 30 Minutes long) and you don´t mind, that we try to make some money with it (to get the rest of the documentary going´)?

The Dog-Translater

It really is worth watching – Ted Kerasote is bestselling author of “Merle´s door” and “Pukka´s Promise”,  “the most utterly compelling translation of dog to human” as Jeffrey Masson puts it. Ted´s quest:  how we can give our dogs the happiest, healthiest and longest life possible? We accompany Ted Kerasote -and this film is part one of our own search and journey for the longer-lived dog.



If you follow the link, you might have to sign in with Vimeo. But: Vimeo is  a good provider of excellent videos from excellent filmmakers and photographers from all around the world (and is qualitatively very different to YouTube!).
AND: please share the link!!

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