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A dog´s life – longer than 20 years?

I used to have a Golden Retriever. As far as I can tell it was not from the US (more on the three Golden Boys and the 61% cancer rate in my last post). My Golden came from a Dutch or Belgian breeder. Or Dog-Reproducer. With a newspaper advertisement I went to Heinsberg at the tri-border-region Germany-Belgium-Netherlands. At first, I was surprised that no one opened the door for me, then suddenly someone parked his car at the neighbour´s house. Shortly after that, a man opened the door, carrying this little cute Golden Retriever over his arm. Didn´t I want to see its mother? Yes, I even asked. But why then did I buy the puppy although this Dog-Salesman told me, that I couldn’t see her? Well, because I fell into that trap like so many people before and after me. Gush, they are so cuuute! My Golden Retriever was great dog. He lived for eleven years. And died: of cancer. It was Ted Kerasote telling me the Golden Boys-Retriever story. You can find it also in his book “Pukka´s Promise. The Quest for longer-lived Dogs.“ And this quest for longer-lived dogs will now be my journey, too. ted and pukka namesWe visited him at his beautiful house in the middle of the Rocky Mountains – and filmed him. A man not to big who goes hunting moose for his labrador Pukka. This does not seem politically correct for Europeans. And may be not pc for an increasing number of US-Citizens. But: we do eat meat (if we still do so) and we feed meat to our dogs as well, but please do not to remind us that once upon a time this meat was a living being, that somehow had lost its life. So once you get over your prejudices and consider that a hunter at least is not an industrial slaughter house, and then you listen to Ted Kerasote when he speaks, you know: ok, he´s a hunter, but this man loves dogs and he has such a vast and profound knowledge of them. Especially about how one can make them live longer. “15-16 years, this is what some Labrador breeders get out of their breed. I would love to have my Pukka for 20 years or longer though.“ How you get there – this is what the new documentary is supposed to show: Long, healthy, happy – a dog´s life?! Quo vadis, canis?   Ok, I will reveal one thing here for you: You better do not feed kibbles, at least if they contains grain like corn. Not only because you never exactly know what else is pressed in there. But also, because our dogs´ blood sugar level increases when we feed them corn. According to Ted, research studies show that the longest-living are those who keep their blood sugar level below-normal. This is actually valuable not only for dogs, but for many other beings, including humans! And here, like I have promised: a preview to our film. https://vimeo.com/116976699

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