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Quo vadis, Canis – Film & Crowdfunding

Why do dogs die so young? Often after a life full of medical treatments, pills, suffering. What could we do, that they not only live longer, but also healthier and happier?

Bild 1 Mops und Schäferhund-Schädel

In our film “Quo vadis, canis? The search for longer living dogs” we want to find answers to this question. We´ll visit “Dog-People”, who promise to have some. Like Ted Kerasote from Kelly, Wyoming, USA. Or Ake Hedhammer from Vaxholm, Sweden.

I don´t know, if the longer-lived dog, the one, who lives a health and happy life for over 20 years,  is something that will only be possible in the future. But after filming Ted Kerasote in Rocky Mountains, I am pretty sure that I as a dog-people can push the longevity of my dog, too.

We´ll have a little preview from our first shootings available here soon! We financed the trip to the Wyoming/USA by ourselves. We keep you updated, how we get allong with the other parts;-) We´ll need your help!!

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